A Little Insane

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For Tomorrow and Beyond

Within the madness of the days,
Something to look forward to.
Even if its just a tender hope,
I can hear it in a sweet voice.

The troubles of yesterday defines,
What may be to what may not be.
The person moulded for tomorrow
Corrupted yet polished!

For tomorrow and beyond.
Your honour Silent and Loud.

Let not be taken for a ride,
Often been told over and over.
Yet kindness wishes to see,
Only the good in others.

Fires will burn and leave scars,
Love will end and leave memories,
Fear will seize and leave stories,
Honour will rise and fall only with you.

For tomorrow and beyond.
Your honour Silent and Loud.

In the many paths to one truth,
Honour will value the most.
No gold, no diamonds nor loved ones,
Compare to the beauty and flair of honour.

As memories fade and faces around change,
know that you will be remembered.
Even if its in a little silent prayer,
Never a tear to wash away the pride.

For tomorrow and beyond.
Your honour Silent and Loud.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Affairs

This spring weekend,
As the fragrance of Romance & Passion fill the day,
Its time for the affairs of the heart to be renewed;
The whispers in the air all around you,
Are my words of love to you!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Am I to be the one..?

Am I to be the one..? To hold you in arms
To grow and to wither ,
In the storms we are to face,
And the smiles we are to share.

In this world where hate prevails,
When a person rarely finds his other;
I found you among the many thorns,
My rose, my wondrous source of lust

My mischievous sweetheart,
I bow my head down to your love.
My eyes behold your face,
The teasing words reveal your truth inside.

I stand here just a picture,
I forget your oppressions;
Looking at your ecstatic eyes,
I see only your radiant love.

The affairs of passion adjust,
When consciousness meets unconsciousness
Like every person knows when he meets his other
I now know my heart has met it's match.

My eyes crave for you alone,
Still I ponder, Am I to be the one..?
The one who isn't found despite finding,
To be the one lost to into the wilderness beyond.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dancing Girl

Hours past midnight and still looking into her eyes,
Moving to the beats with her arms between mine,
When suddenly interrupted by the dawn of day.

Life took over with a single ray,
Memories of the dancing girl,
The night faded away like tequila shots.

Guitar strings stop in haste,
Dancing shoes slow down their pace,
The keyboards here no longer play my tune.

I wait in thirst for the spark of night,
To dance again with my love,
An addiction so fond for me to lose.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Limited Dreams

Temptations, these temporary limitations,
An elevation of my many dissolutions,
In a mind with a life in own,
A dream so far away from reality

Words collide - Passions fly

Logics collide - science overtakes

Visions collide - Art engulfs

Love collides - hate outshines

Wicked or weird the callings of the dark,
Fallen or risen from our unknown maker,
A life to live if not but a dream,
Heaven and earth but all the same.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For Those Untamed

Love holds no pleasure for those untamed,
It’s a parasite, spreading disease and hungry to kill.
Love, Spreading filth in a beautiful world,
Truly inspired and defined by unfeigned lust.

Fear holds no grounds for those untamed,
Their fury burns any spirit that may rise.
Fear, Liberating those very hopelessly lost souls,
Disguised and living in search of love.

Faith holds no purpose for those untamed,
And luck is for those frightfully ignorant.
Faith, Too confused to know evil from good,
Wandering night and day, among the breathing dead.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

To The Nights

Tonight to tomorrow, every night, sundown to sunrise;
Celebrate life...in all its form, in all its name.
There is no tomorrow if there is not a today,
And nothing is gonna stay the same as yesterday.
This Life is all you got, to call to your own; so live..
Live tonight to tomorrow, every night; sundown to sunrise.
Call the days with its names; the nights are all the same,
There is nothing more certain than tonight before another tomorrow.

Monday, October 16, 2006


All around in circles and squares,
In every laughter, in every pain,
These battered souls search for their doors,
With the unmarked key, in search of their homes.

Home is not anywhere they hang their hats,
It may not even be through the door up the stairs,
The hollow key they hold, shows no map, no signs,
Nor do their minds in this comic suspense.

So excluded from their waiting nest,
They seek pleasure in flesh and sweat,
Drowning away their emotions one by one,
In a web of illusions they call out their truth.

Tangled with riddles of love,
Lust, fear, pleasure and all they call life,
Forgetting their search, forgetting the doors,
That take them back to their homes.

Knowing not any longer one from the other,
Blinded by the lights of life,
These ghosts run in circles and square,
Forgetting to look beyond themselves.

Monday, July 31, 2006

A Shadow to Love

Feels like I have been out here forever,
Awake all day and all night,
Drifting with the voices in my head,
Knowing not if today is a dream or reality.

I value lesser this new world around me ,
Its words, Its ways, Its desires,
A crypt holding dear my insanity,
Untouched by the madness surrounding me.

Beaten down by the routine of days,
Dreams mount higher than clouds high above,
Somewhere ahead into the light,
I look for the darkness to clear my eyes.

I forget how it felt to be loved,
As I give away move than this world demands,
I fade slowly into the brightness all around,
With not a shadow near to hold my name.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

In All Dreams to Come

I preach tonight, like the many before me;
Without a candle to see my face,
With only one message to be told:
‘Silence! my fellow beings,
Is in all your dreams to come'.

The nights speaks lesser tonight,
Of the lessons forgotten so very soon,
The heads turn away and the smiles grow slim,
Words of passion, Words of honor, words in all,
Heard less strong in a weakening dream.

The good times; always another reach away,
Enough no longer an option,
As whispers fill shadows with expectations,
Entertained by desires once condemned,
Unfolding into a final disappointment.

The nights to go, the dreams to stay,
Count not up, count not down,
For nobody is sane, it’s been told:
‘Silence! my fellow beings,
Is in all your dreams to come'.